Do you ever feel like

overwhelmed is an understatement?

It's more like you're drowning

Sinking further and further under

the junk that's taken over your entire house.

Being crushed by the weight of it all - the guilt of it all. 


You don't have a clue how to find your way out.

How to come up for air.

All you know is the anxiety.

The fear of not knowing where to start...

and the thought that

just maybe finding a way out isn't even possible for you.

But what if there was a way out...

even for you?


A way to not have a messy house dictating your days. 

What if all you really need is for

someone to show you what steps to take,

to teach you how to manage your day-to-day tasks

so your everyday life isn't so chaotic.

And then walk alongside you as you face the clutter

that usually makes you hyperventilate.

Someone to encourage and motivate you to make progress - real progress. 

What if you finally had what seemed impossible...





Spend 4 weeks being coached, motivated, and encouraged on a daily basis by your biggest cheerleader (that's me!) alongside a group of women just like you who want to have a comfortable, clutter-free home but struggle to make it happen. Finally, here's the help you need!

Learn easy-to-follow steps for cleaning up even the messiest room in your house

Develop realistic routines for managing life's day-to-day necessities

Experience a built-in cheering section of other women who actually "get it"

Here's what's inside...

Coaching, motivation, and interaction with Amy

For one full month - from April 29th to May 26th - you'll have daily interaction with Amy as she offers advice, inspiration, and encouragement in the group forum. Get answers to your specific questions and support for your unique situation. Amy normally offers a very limited number of one hour Personal Coaching packages (a $147 value), but in this group setting you'll have daily access for four full weeks!

Weekly Group Action Sessions

These Action Sessions will provide you with a specific time to work on group challenges or tackle your own clutter-busting tasks with the input and support of others in the coaching group - all through the magic of LIVE video (think video conference calls for cleaning your house!). You'll get the motivation, encouragement, and support you need to finally make noticeable, lasting progress!

24/7 Community support and encouragement

Tackling your clutter and gaining control of your home is a difficult process, but you won't face it alone.  In the group forum, you'll have your very own cheering section for every success and a supportive shoulder to lean on through every struggle. It's a guilt-free environment where you don't have to feel embarrassed or overwhelmed - just encouraged and inspired!


* Four full weeks of practical coaching, motivation, and personal interaction

* Weekly LIVE Action Sessions where you're sure to get things done

* Step-by-step instructions for developing routines, managing your home, and getting rid of clutter

* Guided challenges each week so you always know what to work on

* Supportive community of other women who "get it" and are cheering you on!

Program runs from April 29th to May 26th. Space is limited.


Clutter-Free Kickstart is now closed.

Click HERE for more information on my personal coaching services.

Q+A: You've got questions...I've got answers!

What happens after I purchase?

A few minutes after your payment processes, you'll receive an email with step-by-step instructions for logging into the forum (it's super-easy, I promise!). You'll have immediate access to the community group, even before the program officially starts on April 29th. We'll be hanging out and getting to know each other as we wait for "opening day"!

What if I'm not good with computers?

No problem! The group forum is hosted on a social media platform called Mighty Networks. It's specifically designed for groups like this, so it's really easy to use. There's even an app you can download to your phone.  I walk you through all the steps you need to know for getting signed in the first time, and I even have a video tour of the forum once you're inside. Plus, if you ever have any questions at all, just email me at [email protected] and I'll be happy to help you out!

Will you make me get rid of stuff I want to keep?

Nope. I'm here to be your cheerleader, not your drill sergeant.  You'll have a whole group of encouragers behind you to help make those tough decisions, but in the end only you know what items you enjoy and want to keep in your home.  We'll be there to hold your hand when needed and cheer you on every step of the way.

What if I can't keep up?

This is a coaching and encouragement group, not a typical "course" or "class." There's no specific set of lessons or looming deadlines. I will be walking you through some helpful processes and giving you some small challenges to complete, but these are only meant to guide you and make this coaching group a productive and valuable experience. You can pick and choose which tips to implement in your own life while working at your own pace.

Clutter-Free Kickstart is now closed.

Click HERE for more information on my personal coaching services.

Meet Amy, founder of Clutter-Free Kickstart and owner of the popular blog Simple Everyday Home.

Amy has been a wife, mom, and homemaker for over twenty years, and she shares her hard earned experience every day in the Clutter-Free Kickstart community. Her experience truly is "hard earned," because even though she always wanted this job of caring for a home and family, she quickly learned that homemaking wasn't a natural skill for her. She's spent the past two decades developing routines and systems to help her manage her home and keep clutter from taking over.

Amy loves helping other women realize they're not "failures" if their home isn't picture-perfect. She believes that with the right tools, encouragement, and support, you can create a comfortable and clutter-free home regardless of your limitations or obstacles - and without having to work all day to keep it that way!

Backed by the Clutter-Free Kickstart 100% No Risk Guarantee

Take up to 7 days to try out the Clutter-Free Kickstart Group Coaching community.  If you decide this program just isn't a good for fit for you, simply email [email protected] for a full refund. You have nothing to lose!

Clutter-Free Kickstart is now closed.

Click HERE for more information on my personal coaching services.

What will your home (and life)look like one month from now?

Four weeks from now, you'll either be drowning under the same old chaotic mess of guilt and clutter, or you'll be enjoying the freedom of being in control of life's necessities and finally making progress toward creating the comfortable, clutter-free home you're dreaming of.

Which will you choose?

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