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Clutter-Free Jumpstart

Personalized coaching for decluttering one area of your home in just one week!

this is your time

Jumpstart Your Way to the Uncluttered Home You Didn’t Know Was Possible

For women who want to feel at peace in their own home, I’ll guide you through super-simple cleaning & decluttering ANYONE can do for a clutter-free house that’s a breeze to keep clean.

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  • I’ll never, never, ever get this house cleaned up. Never. Never ever. It’s imposible! *cue the tears
  • I wish I could just move and leave all this mess behind, but I don’t think that’s even legal. (I mean, it’s not…is it???)
  • I’m just not good at housekeeping. Paint a big ‘ol loser “L” on my forehead. I’m done trying.
  • How can I tell my kids to keep their junk picked up when MY stuff is such a huge mess, too? Hypocrite much?
  • I don’t even know where to begin dealing with all this clutter. Lighter fluid? Matches? A whole lot of therapy?
  • I wish we could invite people over, but it’s wayyy too stressful. What would they think if they saw this disaster???
  • I feel so guilty for letting down my husband…my kids…my mom…my sister-in-law…the dog.
  • I’m so embarrassed. No one else has this much trouble keeping their house clean. It’s not brain surgery – it’s just a house, for goodness sake. A stupid, messy, totally out-of-control house. 😭

Yeah, I’ve totally never thought any of those ugly thoughts, either. #liarliarpantsonfire

“Amy’s coaching helped me get unstuck in my home management, which has been huge for me. I have felt stuck for years!” – Sydney, mom of four

Hey, there! I’m Amy, and let me tell you – I get it!

Gather round, my dear, and let’s take a stroll down painful-memory lane, shall we?

It was my twenty-fifth birthday. I remember it like it was yesterday. (Which is really crazy since I can’t even remember what I ate for breakfast TODAY. Did I even eat breakfast today!? ) I put my three-year-old cutie pie to bed and barely managed to get my pregnant self down the stairs and out onto the front porch before the tears started to flow. And flow. And flowwww.

It was as though all my embarrassment and regret and utter disappointment with myself was pouring out through my eyes, and I couldn’t make it stop. All I knew was that I was a failure. A crying-my-eyes-out-on-the-front-porch failure.

You see, I thought I’d have life all figured out by the time I reached the ripe old age of twenty-five. Go ahead and laugh. Seriously, anyone OVER the age of twenty-five would laugh at such a thought. But in that moment, everything in my life felt like a disaster because everything in my HOUSE actually was a disaster.

I absolutely LOVED being a wife and a mom, and I LOVED the idea of managing our home. But I didn’t really like cleaning the bathrooms. Or doing the laundry. Or picking up the toys. Or washing the dishes 5,683 times a day. And even if I had liked doing those things, I couldn’t figure out how to fit them into the day and still have an ounce of time or energy leftover for surving.

Then, I did something that changed E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. And this time, it was a change for the better.

I turned on my computer (then waited twenty-eight minutes for that bad boy to boot up – that’s how we rolled back then), and I typed up a list of all the things I needed to do every morning and a list of everything I needed to do each night to keep our home running. I typed things like “wash dishes” and “start laundry” and “give the kids a bath.” Somehow, seeing those things on a list and being able to check them off every day made it all seem so much less overwhelming.

Well, cue the fireworks and pass around the party hats. Because after those routines were born (and tweaked and practiced long enough to become daily habits), I also began tackling the bigger messes and clutter that had piled up during my years of barely hanging onto life by the skin of my teeth. I realized I had limited time and energy, so the only way to get anything done was to break it down into teeny, tiny, manageable tasks I could fit in between Elmo singing the ABC’s and one of my starving kids asking for their fifty-third snack of the day. And THAT is when the magic really started to happen. No, my house didn’t “magically” get clean. But I finally knew HOW to get our home feeling peaceful and put together, and I knew it was possible!

Did you hear that? It was possible!!! Those are some of the most beautiful words in the English language, don’t you think? No more wishing or regretting or feeling like an absolute failure. There was something I could do to make things better, and it was so easy that I ACTUALLY DID IT!!! And I’m still doing it today!

I can help YOU feel at peace in your own home.

I’ve been a wife, mom, and homemaker for over twenty-five years, and I’ve helped thousands of women have the clean and uncluttered home they didn’t even know was possible.

I know you want a clutter-free and peaceful home and right now you feel the overwhelming weight on your shoulders ALLLL THEEE TIMEEE. I’m guessing you also feel like you should be able to do this all on your own.

I mean, it’s just sorting through some boxes (like 9,268 of them), and decluttering a few closets (well, maybe allllll of them), and tidying up the counters and cabinets and shelves and tables and drawers and every flat surface in the entire house (umm…piece of cake).

“It was very helpful to have Amy look at areas that have caused problems for years and help me solve them.” – Merilly, chauffer to four active kids

But here’s the thing: You don’t have to keep struggling alone. I can help!


Clutter-Free Jumpstart

Personalized coaching for decluttering one area of your home in just one week!

With Clutter-Free Jumpstart Coaching you will…

  • Declutter & clean one targeted area of your home in just one week
  • Know what to focus on – and what not to worry about – so you can make real progress
  • Design a personalized plan that works for your unique home AND takes into account your schedule and your family
  • Discover the routines and habits you need to KEEP your space clean & clutter-free
  • Get motivated to stop procrastinating and start doing
  • Take the first steps toward turning your messy house into a peaceful HOME you love!

This offer is no longer available. Click HERE for current coaching offers.

“I needed someone or something that could interrupt all the negative self-talk that I had been doing for so long that was paralyzing me and limiting my progress, and you did just that.” – Sarah, wife and mama

Get off that hamster wheel and start enjoying a HOME you love.

It doesn’t matter how messy your house is or how the thought of facing it makes you hyperventilate. The fact is, every big, intimidating job can be broken into small steps anyone can do. And that, my friend, is where MY superpower meets YOUR mountain. I love helping my clients figure out the small steps they can take to make big progress they never thought possible.

No more making excuses or procrastinating until the mythical “right time.” The time is now – THIS IS YOUR TIME!

But his special Clutter-Free Jumpstart Coaching is only being offered for a limited time, so don’t wait. Register NOW before it’s gone!

This offer is no longer available. Click HERE for current coaching offers.

“Amy coaches like a caring friend. She doesn’t criticize or judge, but takes you as you are and walks you forward step-by-step.” – Sara, mom of teens