Take Care of Your Home…

Like You Know What You’re Doing

Get this easy-to-follow system for keeping up with everyday life, plus tackle the cleaning and decluttering, without feeling frazzled or overwhelmed!

I just love your products and I think you are so great. – Cara

Life is BUSY, and sometimes it seems like it’s spinning out of control

The mornings are about as peaceful as giving the cat a bath.

The dishes in the kitchen sink are so dried-on-crusty, you’re seriously considering tossing them and starting over.

The bathrooms look like something out of a horror movie (or at least a boy’s college dormitory).

And now, all the kids are out of all the socks so you have to dig through all the laundry baskets while trying not to say all the ugly words you’re thinking.

Thank you for making this so simple! – Lauren


  • You wake up every morning DREADING having to face the chaotic-heaven-help-me-mess in the kitchen, but that’s where the coffee lives!!! 😭
  • You never, ever have time to do anything for yourself, like read a book…take up a hobby…bake some cookies…use the bathroom for goodness sake.
  • You feel like you’re just one lost permission slip away from having a total and complete breakdown (better get the straightjacket ready, rumor has it tomorrow is a field trip – *gulp*).
  • You wonder how everyone else seems to have their life together – and beautifully plastered all over the dang internet – when you can’t even find two matching shoes so you can get out the door on time.
  • You have no idea how to start taking back control of your home, and you honestly don’t know if it’s even possible???

“I feel motivated in a way now that I haven’t in a really long time. Everything seems so much more manageable now!!” – Darcie

Well, guess what

I’ve been in your shoes.. and I know there’s a better way!

You need a system for doing ALL THE THINGS, without being overwhelmed by all the things there are to do.

You need a way to keep the house clean (and the family in clean socks), without feeling frazzled and stretched thin.

You need a plan that’s simple to follow and easy to keep up with so you can chip away at the dirt and piles of clutter, without having to work non-stop just to hold everyday life together.

It’s a work in progress every day and I want to thank you for making me feel like I can accomplish my home declutter and cleaning a little each day. – Deborah


Simple Everyday To-Do Lists

An easy-to-follow system for keeping up with everyday life + tackling cleaning and decluttering…without feeling frazzled or overwhelmed

An easy-to-follow system so you can…


Stay on top of day-to-day necessities by doing simple daily routines.


Maintain your home and keep it comfortably clean with basic weekly chores.


Declutter and detail-clean a little at a time with small, manageable tasks.

You have made a difference in this girl’s life! I really can’t thank you enough! – Carly

With Simple Everyday To-Do Lists

You’ll Have the Routines and Cleaning Tasks You Need to Finally Feel at Peace in Your Own Home


Morning & Evening Routines

The secret to an almost-always-clean-house is NOT spending every waking minute cleaning. That’s a recipe for burnout (and possibly screaming at the people you love before you lock yourself in your room with a half-gallon of cheap ice cream and an oversized spoon). Nope, the secret to a clean house is the small actions (aka. routines) you do every day to keep the dirt/mess/chaos from taking over.


Weekly Task List

If you’ve ever gotten an unexpected text that a friend (or your sister-in-law *gasp*) was stopping over in half an hour, then you know the value of regularly doing tasks like cleaning the floors and sanitizing the bathrooms so you don’t have to run around cleaning like a crazy lady with your hair on fire – which it totally could be from the flaming daggers shooting from your eyes at everyone who isn’t helping enough. (Or is that just me?)


Targeted Cleaning Ideas

Your to-do list is already a mile long, so the last thing you need is ANOTHER mile-long cleaning list that’s more overwhelming than it is helpful…or even humanly possible. That’s why the more detailed room-by-room decluttering and cleaning is broken down into bite-size tasks. With these rotating (and doable!) lists you can make progress throughout your home in just a few minutes a day.

” I wanted to say thank you so much for being such an inspiration and sharing what works for you. It is thanks to people like yourself that I manage to hold on to a shred of sanity!” – Emma


  • 24 Weekly To-Do Lists WITH EVERYTHING YOU NEED for managing your home without feeling frazzled or overwhelmed
  • Done-for-you Morning Routine and Afternoon & Evening Routine to keep up with life’s necessities SO YOU CAN KEEP ALL THOSE PLATES SPINNING (AND STILL KEEP EVERYONE IN CLEAN UNDIES #WINNING)
  • Weekly Cleaning List with basic tasks for a comfortably clean home – NO MORE PANIC WHEN SOMEONE KNOCKS ON THE DOOR
  • Targeted Cleaning ideas that rotate to a different area of your home each week, so you’ll never have to “spring clean” ever again – YES, PLEASE!
  • 7 Special Occasions Lists to help take the stress out of vacations, holidays, overnight guests, and more
  • Videos to walk you through each part of the to-do Lists, with helpful tips on EXACTLY how to use them TO KEEP YOUR HOME CLEAN AND STRESS-FREE

“Thanks for sharing some simple tools to make us all feel less overwhelmed.” – Kendra


Bonus #1: Printable Quick-Clean: The Bathroom

This cute printable shows the simple steps to quick-clean the bathroom as part of your Morning Routine. 

Print it out and hang it in the bathroom so the whole family will know how to tidy up every day! (Getting the family to help out makes it a DOUBLE bonus, right!?)

Bonus #2: Simple Everyday Home Encouragement Cards

Who couldn’t use some extra encouragement, inspiration, and motivation to get through the day???

These pretty little printable encouragement cards will help you press on when it feels a bit too overwhelming and celebrate every bit of your progress! Woohoo!

Backed by the Simple Everyday Home Happiness Guarantee

Take up to 30 days to use Simple Everyday To-Do Lists in your own home. If you’re not 100% happy with them for any reason, just email [email protected] for a full refund. You have nothing to lose.

I’ve never seen any other website like yours filled with powerful tools and encouragement…I want to thank you for making me feel like I can accomplish my home declutter and cleaning a little each day.” – Deborah

Hi! I’m Amy, decluttering coach and diehard user of Simple Everyday To-Do Lists.

I’ve been a wife, mom, and homemaker for over twenty-five years, and I’ve helped thousands of women have the clean and uncluttered home they didn’t even know was possible.

But I know firsthand it’s not easy. Boy, do I know! After spending several years (and a whole lot of ugly tears) trying to keep up – and failing miserably – I realized I needed a system for dealing with the chaos and clutter in my home. Because procrastination + running around in circles just wasn’t cutting it. Go figure.

And THAT is where these Simple Everyday To-Do Lists came in.

These Lists have enabled me to stick to my daily routines AND keep up with basic cleaning, decluttering, and even detail-cleaning, without feeling like an overwhelmed or overworked mess-of-a-woman. I can’t wait for you to experience how something so simple can transform your day, your home, and your overall sense of peace!

“I can completely relate with what you say and you really help me to get going and be able to get things done with a clear mind instead of being trapped feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start.” – Jessica

You’ve Got Questions…I’ve Got Answers!

A: Once your payment processes, you’ll be sent an email with all the information you need to login and access the To-Do Lists and videos. If you have any problems or don’t receive your access email, contact [email protected] and we’ll be happy help! Just be aware it can take several minutes for everything to process and get sent through the big ‘ol internet, so please allow up to an hour to receive your access email. 

A: Once you’re inside the course platform, you will have access to a PDF pack of all the lists to download and print. Plus, you’ll get helpful videos to walk you through each section of the To-Do Lists and how to use them.

A: If you’re feeling overwhelmed, I recommend that you start by focusing on just the Morning Routine tasks for a week or so. If you feel like you can do more, then go onto the Afternoon/Evening List or maybe try to tackle one of the Targeted Cleaning tasks. But don’t worry if it’s too much to complete every item on the list each day or week. Don’t focus on what you DON’T get done. Instead, celebrate what you DO accomplish and then use those good vibes to motivate you to do even more the next week!

A: Absolutely! The Morning Routine, Afternoon/Evening Routine, and Weekly Tasks lists are useful no matter the condition of your home right now. We all need to have clean dishes and laundry, and bathrooms that don’t make us cringe (or gag) are pretty nice even if we have a lot of clutter and piles in our home, right? And the Targeted Cleaning lists rotate to a different area of your home each week, with small tasks designed to help you get rid of clutter and do more detailed cleaning in just a few minutes at a time.

So, will your house magically be clutter-free overnight? Well, no. These are to-do lists, not magic beans. However, being able to keep up with the basics of everyday life frees you up to focus on those bigger decluttering and cleaning projects, and the Targeted Cleaning tasks give you direction so you can tackle the overwhelming messes in a not-so-overwhelming way.

A: No problem! There are blank lines on each of the Routines and the Weekly Tasks lists so you can type or write in your own items. There are even a couple lists with extra blank lines for making your own routines or filling in your own Targeted Cleaning ideas, just in case you have unique needs or areas of your home not tackled on the pre-made lists.

A: It just means you’re human. Shocking, right? Don’t worry if you can’t do everything on the List every single day. That’s perfectly normal (ask me how I know this!). Do what you can and remember you always get a fresh start tomorrow! And since the Lists are not dated, there’s no schedule to keep up with. You can do the same List two weeks in a row if you want, or you can simply print the next List and move on. You make the rules.

A: Each List has routines and tasks for one full week. There are 24 lists, with 7 extras for special occasions (such as vacations and holidays). You should be able to repeat the lists about two times in a year…and then keep repeating them year after year after year. Since the Targeted Cleaning tasks rotate you to a different area of your home each week, that means you’ll tackle decluttering and detail-cleaning in every area of your home several times throughout the year. Yay!

“It feels remarkable to come home to clean counters and an empty sink! I feel like a grown-up now! You have a remarkable gift of motivation, encouragement, and grace, and your influence has been an answer to prayer in my life. – Heather

Take care of your house like a pro…and FINALLY feel at peace in your own home.

No more wondering how you’ll ever catch up. No more searching through eight baskets of clean laundry (and dirty, let’s be real) looking for a matching sock so your world can keep spinning ’round. No more crying a gallon of tears into a sink overflowing with eighty-two days worth of dishes.

Grab these Simple Everyday To-Do Lists and make THIS the day everything changes!

“I felt so relieved as I was watching your videos and going through your checklists and things and the encouragement.” – Merilly