4 Big Reasons You Need a Clutter-Free Bedroom

You deserve a clutter-free bedroom where you can relax, recharge, and reconnect with the one you love. You might be surprised at how cleaning this one room can change your whole house!

Ahhh…your master bedroom. This should be a space that feels peaceful and relaxing, a room that’s set apart for recharging at the end of a long day, and maybe even reconnecting with someone you love.

Unfortunately, since this room has a door (which is probably a good thing, right?), it can tend to be the opposite of relaxing or peaceful! Instead, it often becomes a dumping ground…a clutter hiding place…a warehouse for all those Target bags you swear you’ll deal with “later.”

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It just seems like the natural place to stash all the things you don’t want sitting out in open view of the rest of the house. And it’s sooooo very easy to stack the bags and piles and who-knows-what along the wall or on the other side of the bed and then close the door behind you.

Boom! It almost feels like an accomplishment to get the junk put somewhere out of sight. 

Until it’s time for bed, that is. 

Then, it’s like trying to go to sleep in a jungle. You have to wade past the mess and tell that guilty little voice roaring inside your head that you’ll get it all cleaned up…eventually.

And romance? There’s nothing very romantic about dressers piled with random clutter, clothes thrown over the furniture, and obstacle-course-like piles all over the floor. Am I right?

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Remember Your Dreams for Your Master Bedroom

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that when you first imagined your lovely master bedroom, you probably didn’t picture it piled high with clutter. I bet when you picked out your comforter or bought that cozy chair in the corner, you pictured yourself snuggling under a blanket and reading a good book (while eating chocolate, I hope).

Most likely you never intended your room to be decorated with outgrown kid clothes and oversized items you haven’t found a better place to hide.

So, how about doing a little fantasizing. (Oh, not THAT kind of fantasizing! The clutter-free room kind.) 

Take a minute and think about what you imagined your room would look like AND how you imagined you’d feel when you walked through the door each night. 

Hopefully, you’re using words like calm, pretty, relaxing, romantic, peaceful…

Regardless of what got in the way of that dreamy vision, it’s worth the time and energy needed to create a space you can truly enjoy. Sure, it might take a little (or a LOT!) of work to get rid of the mess and clutter, but just imagine how lovely it will feel to wake up to a clean and refreshing room every morning!

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4 Reasons Why a Clutter-Free Bedroom Matters:

It matters because YOU matter.

Now that you remember what your master bedroom is actually supposed to look and feel like, I’m going to tell you the biggest reason why it matters:

Because YOU matter.

Read that sentence again and let it soak in. Read it three or four times, if you need to.

Think of your clutter-free bedroom as a little gift you’re giving yourself (and your beloved) every day. It’s an investment into your own mental and emotional health. It may even help strengthen your marriage as you prioritize that space as a little retreat from the stress and chaos going on in the rest of your world.

It gives you a space you can always keep clean.

It’s discouraging when there’s clutter and mess everywhere you look. It’s even more discouraging when you feel like you have very little control over it because the other people in your home – like those adorable, but messy, kiddos – contribute to the disaster.

But you can control your master bedroom more than any other room in your house. Your bedroom belongs to you (and maybe your sweetie, too), so you can ban toys and other “stuff” that shouldn’t be stored in there. This allows you to clean it once and then invest just a few minutes a day into keeping it picked up and tidy.

It gives you some encouragement when you need a boost.

A cluttered home is frustrating. It contributes greatly to feelings of anxiety and depression. You should have at least one place in your home where you can feel a sense of peace. Someplace that makes you smile.

Plus, when you’re anxious or depressed, you likely struggle to feel like you have the energy and emotional stamina needed to deal with the piles and clutter throughout your house. You need a space you can go to for a pick-me-up and an emotional boost.

It gives you motivation to work on the rest of your house.

You deserve an area in your home that’s clean and organized and will inspire you to keep pressing on. You need motivation…not a load of guilt. Getting rid of the clutter in your bedroom isn’t just about clearing a path to the bed, it’s really about getting rid of the guilt that’s piled on your shoulders every time you walk into the room.

Since the master bedroom is easier to keep clean than most other rooms, it gives you continual motivation to keep working on the clutter in the rest of the house. It’s a visual reminder of why you’re putting in the effort.

Having a clutter-free master bedroom will do great things for your personal well-being. You’ll sleep better, and you’ll feel better about yourself and your home. And if you can clean-up and maintain your master bedroom, then all those clutter-free vibes just might spill over into the rest of your house, too!

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    1. Congratulations on your new home, and thank you for the kind words! I’m so glad Simple Everyday Home is an encouragement to you! 🙂

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